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cognitive kindness is about empowering our full cognitive potential

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Valuable resources should ideally be requested and allocated intentionally. And while we're often at least aware of the importance of treating resources such as money and time with care, we often fail to even recognize the importance of doing so for what is arguably our most valuable individual and collective asset of all—our cognitive resources.

Cognitive kindness calls our attention to our amazing cognitive abilities—our abilities to reason and understand, to imagine and create, to dream and design, to envision and enact. And it urges our consideration of how we might apply what science tells us about how our minds work to all that we do and design, in ways that liberate and empower the full cognitive potential of each person. Better thinking—deeper, more creative, more nuanced, more expansive thinking—is arguably what we need most.

This is the possibility of cognitive kindness.

What does research reveal about how our minds work?

How might we apply those findings

  • in the various spheres of our lives—personal, professional, everyday interactions, and more?

  • in the systems, processes, and events we create and design?

  • in the structures and policies we have the power to change?

Let's use this space as a place to think together, to share ideas, and to cultivate cognitive kindness.

What might be possible, if we're each more cognitively kind? Let's find out.

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